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Security Guarding: BACKGROUND

The SIA door supervisor licensing scheme has now been rolled out across England and Wales. From 11 April 2005 it became mandatory in all areas of England and Wales to have a licence to work as a door supervisor.

Since 23 September 2004 a door supervisor licence can also be accepted as a security guard licence without the need for further training. However a security guard licence will not be accepted as a door supervisor licence.

From March 2006, anyone involved in security operations must be licensed. A concessionary scheme will be put in place as follows: If a company has 70% of its staff trained and licensed by November 2005, the company can join the approved contractor scheme, run by the SIA. When the regulations come into force in March 2006, scheme members will be permitted to recruit and train staff and employ them in security operations whilst the license application is in process – saving around 2 months.

At LDC we are assisting numerous companies to be prepared for November 2005.

To find out more details contact us now.

Who needs a licence?

Private Security Industry Act 2001:

If you are responsible for the security of property and premises, including patrols, surveillance, cash in transit, guarding people against assault and handling dogs for security purposes and employed under contract you will require a licence.

Anyone involved with work of a security guarding nature by way of business or employment supplied under contract will require a licence. This includes employees, employers, managers, supervisors and directors of security companies.

What is a licensable activity?

Guarding premises against unauthorised access or occupation, outbreaks of disorder or damage; guarding property against destruction (including providing a physical presence, or carrying out patrols or surveillance), damage or theft; and guarding one or more persons against assault.

Examples of a licensable activity:

  • Guarding premises or property.
  • Guarding people against harm
  • Guarding cash or other valuables in transit.
  • Guards in supermarkets and shopping centres, guards at building sites.
  • Personal bodyguarding.
  • Security staff at concerts will need a licence if their services are supplied under contract and they are wholly or mainly employed to keep order.
  • Stewards employed under contract at entertainment venues, sporting events, demonstrations, protests or similar events where their security duties are more than just incidental and includes providing a physical presence, guarding against disorder, protecting property and generally maintaining order.
  • Security staff employed under contract to monitor CCTV screens.

The SIA Qualification for Security Guards is a requirement for the granting of this license.



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