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Security Industry Authority Approved Trainer’s Training:-

edexcel Btec Level 3 Conflict Management Trainer’s Cert.

This trainer program comprises of assessed distance learning and assignments followed by a three/four-day practical workshop in the delivery of conflict management scenarios.

The course is for those perspective candidates with a level 3 training award/qualification or equivalent, who wish to deliver SIA Approved Qualifications which include a Conflict Management unit.


The course will give a broad introduction to the main areas of conflict management in a context of delivering scenarios, using scenario based learning, underpinning knowledge sessions and facilitation skills.

The key outcomes of the training will be:

  • Assessment and reduction of the risk of violence in the workplace environment
  • Identification and reaction to behaviour that indicates an escalation towards violence.
  • Taking appropriate response and measures to avoid calm or defuse the situation.
  • Identification of post-incident support and sources of support.
  • Reporting the circumstances of the incident and to provide information for personal and organizational learning
  • Development of scenario based learning in conflict management delivery
  • Empowerment to the course candidates to develop their own learning scenarios.
  • Development of facilitation skills in delivering conflict management training

The course will begin with a 30 hour supported distance learning section. During this candidates will establish the knowledge underpinning the principles and practices of conflict management and will complete a work-related project.

Candidates will then take part in a three/four-day workshop:-

Workshop details

The workshop will focus on the development of scenario based learning and use of facilitation skills in the conflict management learning environment. The second stage is expected to take 30 hours.
Throughout the course/program direct phone and email support will be available from your tutor


Candidates should apply submitting an application form, an initial program assessment (Obtained from LDC) and payment. LDC will ensure that the candidate is able to take the program as applied for; additionally they will be able to discuss developmental or specific arrangement needs.

  • On the course start date candidates will have the distance learning material sent to them and within the first few days their tutor will contact them via telephone or email.

Candidates will have approximately three weeks to complete the distance learning requirements and submit the work related project.

  • Candidates will undertake a ¾-day workshop with up to a maximum of 12 candidates. The focus will be on scenario and facilitation skills.
  • Candidates who have achieved a previous recognized/accredited conflict management trainers program will be granted APL for Unit 1, providing the following criteria is adhered to: -
  1. They produce their original certificate which as been granted/issued by an appropriate awarding body i.e. NCFE, SITO, and Edexcel.
  2. It is checked, copy taken (which is countersigned by the Internal Moderator) and placed in their individual portfolio which is retained by the centre for external moderation by Edexcel.
  3. Production of training records/statements from clients to prove their knowledge is current and valid in the facilitation of Conflict Management Training.


Candidates will be assessed on:

  • Work related project, to be submitted at the start of the workshop
  • Delivery of scenario based sessions taken during the workshop.

Security Industry Approved Trainer’s Training:-

edexcel Btec Level 3 Conflict Management Trainer’s Cert.
cost £550
edexcel Btec Level 3 Advanced Cert in Training & Presenting
Cost £995

Package price of both qualifications £1400


Dates Available - CM 23rd - 25th November T&P 5th – 9th Dec

There will be further dates issued for Jan 2006 shortly…


Leadership Development Center - Technology House - University of Salford - Lissadel St - Salford - Manchester - M6 6AP

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