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British Institue of Innkeeping Accreditation Board

Customer Service Management

The Customer Service Management Certificate is a national qualification designed to give licensees the inspiration, ideas and ability to deliver excellence in customer service thereby growing sales by increasing repeat business and attracting new customers.

What is the content of the qualification?

The qualification contains the following:

1. Introduction:

  • Workshop objectives
  • The fundamentals of good service

2. Visit Motivation and Pub Personality:

  • Understanding motivation
  • Defining a pub's personality
  • Personality into reality
  • Action planning

3. Exceeding Expectations:

  • Surprising customers
  • Thinking the unthinkable

4. Expectation Management:

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Tailoring service

5. The Service Profit chain:

  • Staff impact on profit
  • The value of customers
  • Measuring improved service

6. Recruiting Personalities:

  • Profiling staff with the pub
  • Interview Techniques

7. Developing Competent Staff:

  • Planning training
  • Matching the pub personality

8. Gaining Commitment:

  • Management practice to build confidence

9. Measuring Results:

  • Cycle of self improvement
  • Designing surveys
  • Other methods of evaluation


How is it assessed?

By examination and coursework. Candidates sit a one-hour multiple-choice examination and complete a short work related assignment.

How long is the course leading to the examination?

The course usually comprises two days of training.

These can be delivered separately or consecutively depending on the preference of the candidate and the deliverer.

What support material is available?

A comprehensive workbook produced by BIIAB is supplied to candidates by the training centre.

What does a candidate receive on successful assessment?

A certificate awarded by BIIAB.


The Advanced Customer Service Management Certificate can be used as part of the AQ Diploma portfolio.

Who is this qualification suitable for?

Manager/Assistant Manager/Tenant/Lessee




Leadership Development Center - Technology House - University of Salford - Lissadel St - Salford - Manchester - M6 6AP

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