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British Institue of Innkeeping Accreditation Board

Licensed Retail Catering Management


What is it?

The Licensed Retail Catering Management Certificate is designed to help licensees capitalise on the growing market for good pub food.

The course provides the skills to design and manage a profitable pub catering operation and challenge those who have been catering for years.

The Licensed Retail Catering Management Certificate is divided into core and optional units to ensure that it meets the specific needs of each candidate.

How is it assessed?

By examination and coursework.

Candidates sit a 45-minute examination made up of six short answer questions. During the course 8 pieces of work must also be completed.

How long is the course leading to the examination?

The course comprises three days of training.

These can be delivered separately or consecutively depending on the preference of candidate/deliverer.

What support material is available?

A comprehensive workbook is supplied to each candidate.

What does a candidate receive on successful assessment?

The Licensed Retail Catering Management Certificate - a national qualification awarded by the BIIAB.


The Licensed Retail Catering Management Certificate can be used as part of the AQ Diploma portfolio.

Licensed Retail Catering Management Certificate

Course units

Core units

  • Planning a catering operation:
  • Examining customer requirements in order to choose the right catering concept.
  • Managing a catering operation:
  • Understanding the food production process and delivering consistent levels of quality.
  • Profits and costs:
  • Dish costing, dish pricing and profit leakage.
  • Menu management:
  • Approaches for tenanted and managed houses and for business development managers. Setting up a working menu. Using the menu and staff to sell. Considers a range of approaches to meet a variety of needs.

Option units. Any two of -

  • Occasion planning:
    • How to structure and market occasion dining to your customers.
  • Garden and barbecue:
    • Maximise the potential of a garden by offering barbecue events to your customers.
  • Customers count:
    • The value of an effective customer care strategy to encourage new customers and repeat business.
  • Merchandising, promotions and sales:
    • The different methods of merchandising and promoting food in a pub. Selling techniques that encourage staff to sell.
  • Equipment:
    • Equipment maintenance, purchasing new and second-hand equipment.
  • Practical:
    • Production of specified dishes in a kitchen practical session.
  • Designing and purchasing a kitchen:
    • Geared towards kitchen management within a small licensed premises.
  • Business planning:
    • The preparation of a comprehensive catering plan for your business - the culmination of the key issues covered in the course.




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